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5 Charity Digital Trends for 2021

5 Charity Digital Trends for 2022

2021 will be the year we see new use cases emerge in charity digital, as new possibilities for personalisation, engagement and supporter care appear. Check out our 2021 charity digital trends!

Empower joins as a supporter of the Better Business Act

Empower has officially joined the Better Business Act. This means we’re now part of a very important mission: to change UK law to ensure that every company puts balancing people, profit and planet at the heart of their purpose and the responsibility of their directors. 

Climate change acronym quiz (2)

Climate Change Acronym Quiz

Are you a climate champion? Think you know your NDCs from your IPCC? Prove it and take the Climate Change Acronym Quiz now!

Empower Agency Team

Job Opportunity: Agency Assistant

Due to a run of recent client and project wins, and concurrent growth in team, we’re looking for an Agency  Assistant to support our Directors, clients and team, across the business.

Agencies for Good

Agencies for Good

Agencies for Good is a community of tech for good agencies, consultancies and freelancers. The community hangs out on Slack and support each other to do socially impactful work.

The Climate Justice Playbook for Business

5 key takeaways from the Climate Justice Playbook

The Climate Justice Playbook for Business provides insights, guidance, and case studies of companies that are seeking to advance climate justice in their operations, supply chains, and in the communities they impact.