What’s it like to be an Empower intern? David and Sena tell all

David Ogundare

By David Ogundare

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At the start of our internship journey at Empower, we were filled with enthusiasm and curiosity, unsure of the challenges and experiences that awaited us. In the spirit of retrospection, we invite you to revisit the start of our internship experience by reading our first blog: Empower’s first interns: Meet David and Sena.

We have come a long way since then, and as the 6-week internship with Empower comes to a close, we naturally find ourselves looking back on what a wonderful time we had. Currently, we find ourselves dealing with a mix of emotions – nostalgia, gratitude, and anticipation for our futures. So, join us as we reflect on the moments that made this internship unforgettable, the skills we gained, the challenges we overcame, and our favourite moments. 

What have we learned in the last 6 weeks?

David – I believe I was learning something new every day. From attending team meetings and observing client interactions, to more active tasks like creating social media assets, analysing data sets, and writing copy for social media. Working at Empower taught me the importance of communication when working remotely, and I was able to learn how to be more communicative when handling tasks, instead of spending hours trying to learn something new all by myself. “Work smarter, not harder”, said Kate, account manager and my internship mentor.

Sena – Each week we had the opportunity to learn something new, whether that was through working with clients or having training sessions with members of the team. One of the skills I enjoyed learning the most was how to use Canva to create creative assets for different social media channels. It gave me the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the creative side of marketing. 

What did you find challenging?

David – Internships are not without their challenges. There were definitely moments where I struggled with imposter syndrome, uncertainty, and times where I had to push myself beyond my limits. However, I viewed these challenges as opportunities to grow as an individual and in the workplace. Because of the skills I learned above, I developed a greater sense of adaptability, resilience and concentration.

Sena – An initial challenge for me was understanding some of the terms that were used during meetings, but the team always took the time to explain them to me when I asked. They also reassured me over bits that it took me a while to understand. 

What did we enjoy the most about working at Empower? 

David –  I had an incredibly positive experience being surrounded by a supportive group of people who were dedicated to bringing out the best in me. During my first day, I encountered challenges using my old laptop for online meetings. However, within a couple of days, Empower provided me with a new MacBook Air to work with, which made a significant difference in my productivity. Whenever I asked a question about using a specific software, there were always multiple team members that were eager to offer their aid with that specific software, and any other issues. It was evident from the interview process that Empower deeply values how it treats its team members, but I was truly amazed by how warmly they embraced me as part of their team.

Sena – What I enjoyed the most about working at Empower was being part of a team that is well connected. Even though Empower is remote first, I was able to build a good working relationship with members of the team virtually as well as get to know them a bit better during our weekly stand-up calls and Friday reflections. 

Our Conclusion 

Together: We are both incredibly grateful for this unforgettable experience at Empower. As their first interns, we have grown both professionally and personally. There is no doubt that this internship will shape our future career paths. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire team for making this journey so special and memorable. Here’s to new beginnings and a bright future ahead! Cheers!

“I’m really proud of our first ever Empower internship – I can’t believe it’s over already! It was important that the experience was meaningful for both Sena and David, and for our team so we carefully planned a programme to include in-house training sessions, running our Empower socials, getting involved in a variety of client work and networking opportunities. It’s been so exciting seeing Sena and David get stuck in and grow in confidence over the six weeks, and to see our team flourish in the support roles they have undertaken during the internship. A win-win all round!”

Catherine Raboteur, HR and Operations Manager

“I could not be more proud of David and Sena for how far they’ve come in six short weeks. It has been a joy to see them grow in confidence, contribute so fully to Empower life, and get meaningful, hands-on experience with client work.

As our first ever Empower interns, this has been a learning experience for us all, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to explore new skills as a first-time mentor. I am so excited to see what’s in store next for David and Sena, and wish them every success as they build on their time with us.”

Hannah West – Account Manager and Mentor

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