Social Media Resources for Charities and Nonprofits

These social media resources will help you create highly engaging content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and whichever other social media channels your organisation has a presence on.

From setting solid social media strategies to how to measure success on social media, these free social media tips and guides will help you on your search for social media excellence.

  • Twitter Hashtag Tracking: 4 Alternatives to Topsy
    Free Twitter hashtag tracking tool Topsy has shut down. Don’t worry – we’ve got alternatives for you!
  • Social media stats for charities and nonprofits [2021 update]
    A collection of stats to help you understand the effectiveness of social media activities for charities and nonprofits, including benchmarks for fundraising, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Free Social Media Listening Tools: 2021 Update
    Creating a suite of social media listening tools to pick up on conversations about your organisation can be done for free. Here’s how.
  • Why there is no best time to post on social media in 2021 (hint: it’s the algorithms!)
    The timing of your social media posts has become less important. We’ll explain why, plus give you a few tips on how to make sure your posts are still seen.
  • How to amplify events using social media
    Promoting your events on social media is a great opportunity to engage with fans and followers, reach new people and raise awareness of your brand. Here’s how.
  • How to cope with difficult social media shifts

    If you moderate social media as part of your role, it is important to be aware of how it can impact your wellbeing. Here’s how to cope with difficult social media shifts.

  • How to deal with trolls

    Trolls interact with your or your organisation’s social media accounts simply to be a nuisance. Here’s how to deal with trolling.

  • Social Media Video: The Ultimate Guide

    Download our latest guide on social media video – covering everything from Facebook Live to Snapchat, Twitter to Instagram Stories – and find out how to get the most out of social media video.

  • How to repurpose video content for social media

    The absolute best way to save yourself time and money in your video marketing activity is to repurpose video content for social media. Here’s how.

  • Dark Social Media: Can You Measure What You Can’t See?
    Dark social is a mysterious type of traffic where links are shared in a private yet social way, such as sent in an email, by instant messenger or in a text message, and is an increasing problem in a measurable digital world.
  • Small Businesses and Social Media: Best Practice
    Empower Director Ben Matthews was recently quoted in an article on The Guardian’s Small Business Network, looking at best practice for small business and social media: “Many website analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, also let you see where visitors are coming from when visiting your small business website. It’s a great way to check if your Facebook or Twitter channels are performing well or what opportunities there are to improve.” Below are the 8 tips from the article, or you can read the full version on The Guardian. In this article:Choose your channelsKnow your connectionsResearch the conversationsSet the right toneGrow …

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  • UK Social Media Stats
    Social media stats for the UK change all the time and differ according to which sources you choose from. But the UK media industry watchdog, Ofcom, publishes a quarterly report on the UK media landscape and is one of the most reliable out there. Most coverage of the August 2014 report has concentrated on the fact that adults spend more time engaged with the media (eight hours 41 minutes) than time spent sleeping (eight hours 21 minutes). We watch television and use the internet at the same time, which means 11 hours seven minutes worth of media is consumed in that eight hours …

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  • 9 Marketing Newsletters for Digital and Social Media News
    Here are our favourite marketing newsletters for keeping on top of digital and social media news.