Empower carry out frequent social media, digital communications and content training, assisting clients in refining their digital skills. Recent training recipients have included UNHCR the UN Refugee Agency, Crying Out Loud, the Home Office, the House of Commons, the Sheila McKechnie Foundation and Stars Foundation.

Bespoke training materials are always prepared, tailored to the trainees’ needs, with a focus on take-away tools, tricks and best-practice, to help make good-social a habit. Industry standards and current case-studies are also heavily used to ensure approaches are up-to-date with current platform and audience needs.

Google AdWords training for charities 💻

Empower’s Google AdWords training for charities helps you to get the most of Google Ads by showing your team how to display ads to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time – plus shows you how to get the most out of your Google Grant.

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Social Media Training: The Basics #️⃣

This interactive half-day course will take you through the basics of social media theory and applications, with your working life in mind. The day will cover how to get started with the most-useful and easiest tools, how to incorporate social and content  into your media strategy, and your working day. The course covers how you can build and strengthen relationships and reach your audiences through online communities and content. You will leave ready to explore social media in a more strategic fashion, confident of how to apply your skills in this space.

Perfect for:

  • Anyone with questions on combining social media with traditional communications

  • Staff working in a communications role who are unfamiliar with social media

  • People who want to increase in confidence in using Twitter, Facebook and more

Advanced Social Media Strategy 🎓

This practical and engaging half-day course will help you to step back from day-to-day social media usage and take your application of its tools to the next level. This course will help you evaluate your organisation’s current social media strategy, benchmark existing communities and create an ongoing measurement framework. The role of SEO, content, influencer outreach, and how to resource for delivery will be covered, as well as approaches to testing and how to evaluate new platforms and social media marketing opportunities as they arise.

Perfect for:

  • Anyone already working with social media regularly and comfortable using key platforms

  • Staff who would like a more strategic approach to their daily social media work

  • People seeking to increase the profile and perceived value of social media in their workplace

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CopyWriting for the Web 🖊️

“Content is king” has long been the web mantra, with expensive content like video and photo applications continuing to boom. However, strong copy that delivers key messages to both readers and for Search Engine Optimisation has never been more important. As attention spans online shrink, the capacity to get your message across clearly, concisely and in an engaging fashion is a skill that needs constant development.

This half-day course will help you strategically approach web-writing, with a focus on your own platforms eg: websites and newsletters, and also social media. Simple SEO guidelines, managing content calendars, using links, delivering calls to action and all important subject lines will be covered. Simple measurement frameworks and testing will be discussed to help you track progress in your web copy’s performance.

Perfect for:

  • Anyone working with copy on a daily basis who wants to sharpen their web skills

  • Staff in charge of external content for their organisation

  • People who want to increase the performance of their web copy and platforms

Social Media Video Training 📹

Video’s accelerating rise to prominence on social platforms and strategy, has been one of the big social media stories of recent years. Video-content offers communicators a fantastic opportunity to engage with huge and growing audiences. However, meeting the demands of quality, diversifying formats, platforms and communities, can can make video expensive, time-consuming and demanding.

This course will cover current best-practice across key platforms and formats, in terms of optimal content and distribution.

Content creators and commissioners will be guided in planning video that will be seen and shared, delivering ROI across multiple platforms. A practical checklist will focus on best-practice elements like styles, length, audio, graphics, versions-by-platform and more. Attendees leaving the course will feel more confident in sourcing and producing really effective video.

As important as creating the right content, is the distribution. Optimising release of video, once produced and signed off, is key to it being seen by browsers and search engines. This session will cover how to ensure video is search-engine-optimised and clickable across key platforms, as well as how to squeeze the most views from one video, with multiple edits and releases. Accessibility in regards to disabilities, and languages can also be covered.

Perfect for:

  • Anyone commissioning or creating video

  • Staff managing external video channels, e.g. YouTube and Facebook

  • People who want to increase the performance of their video content

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Social Media Crisis Management Training 🆘

Communications professionals need to be adept at managing issues and crises that emerge, and risk reputational damage to their organisation, goals and brand. On social media, the communications principles remain the same, but the tools change, and the greater velocity with which an issue escalates or crisis unfolds, pose additional challenges.

This course is designed to help manage and minimise social media crises, through:

  • Proactive community management and formal guidelines, to minimise risk

  • Monitoring and alert tools, to ensure issue visibility as early as possible

  • Verification systems so that messages can be properly evaluated

  • Moderation tools and principles, by platform

  • Escalation flowcharts, based on organisational and industry structures

  • Communications approaches to optimally diffuse and manage live-crises

  • Long-term issues management, eg: ongoing disputes or online activism

This course will cover case studies and current best-practice, and can be made more or less interactive and bespoke. Elements of the programme, like setting up monitoring tools and plotting escalation will be undertaken by attendees. If required, a full social media crisis simulation can be devised, designed to test and challenge the whole communications team.

Attendees will feel more confident in monitoring for, managing and verifying issues that may face the organisation online. Even those not involved directly in external communications, can benefit greatly from this course, gaining a deeper understanding of digital communications patterns, and how they may impact the whole organisation.

Perfect for:

  • Anyone working in external communications or concerned with brand and reputation

  • Staff managing external / digital channels, e.g. Twitter, YouTube and Facebook

  • Staff working in sensitive or confidential fields

Paid Social Media Advertising and Facebook Ads Training 💰

As organic reach steadily declines across social media, having an understanding of paid media across Facebook, Twitter and more, can be core to helping content reach its audience, and generate actions, from product purchases to email signups, to donations.

This course gives an overview of the key paid platforms, including Google PPC, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Ads, so attendees will be able to get ads up and running confidently.

We also spend time looking at paid media strategies, discussing what works and what to avoid based on real life examples and past campaigns.

Attendees will leave confident to explore paid social-media tools, in terms of executing creative and efficient campaigns to relevant audiences. An understanding of current costings and industry benchmarks, will assist in realistic budgeting and evaluating of performance.

Perfect for:

  • Staff looking for a basic understanding of paid media options available

  • People looking to expand the reach of their content

  • Those looking to understand how to drive specific online actions on their websites

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