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We empower you

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the world

Empower is a strategic digital partner for causes creating impact around the world.

Empowering people is our mission

Our vision is for all causes to be able to use digital comms to create positive social and environmental impact.

We’re proud to be a B Corp and our commitment to mission-aligned work means we only work with people who share our values of being people-centered, ethical and driven to create change.

Toilet Twinning’s fundraising raises over £500,000

Building on learnings from 12 months of activity, the empower team created the campaign within 24 hours of getting the brief.

Helping the Jo Cox Foundation reach thousands of communities

Making The Great Get Together a unique event that reaches different groups and communities across the UK – and beyond.

Generating over 5,000 leads for ShelterBox at a 17% conversion rate

How Empower worked with the ShelterBox team to create an innovative tool to mobilise thousands of supporters.

Katharine Segal

“Working with the Empower team was a joy. Their responsiveness, positivity and understanding of how an effective campaign runs meant that we were able to achieve fantastic things together.”

Katherine Segal
Campaign Director,

The Great Get Together​

Explore the Empower way

When you partner with Empower, we work as part of your team, collaborating alongside you as colleagues. We listen to what you want to achieve and provide a range of options to make that happen. We’ve worked at a range of causes ourselves and understand the challenges that nonprofits encounter and how to work around them.


Start with your cause

Our vision is for all causes to be able to use digital comms to create positive social and environmental impact. To help make this a reality we work as part of your team across time-zones, collaborating alongside you as colleagues.

Digital Strategy

Work with you to fully understand your organisation, your opportunities, and your unique digital challenges. 

Digital Audits

Work with our digital specialists to take a deeper look at your digital activity to determine the real drivers of engagement.

More on Digital Audits ➜

Audience Insights

Identify who your audiences are and how to best engage with them, leading to more successful and impactful strategies.

More on Audience Insights ➜


Accelerate impact with your team

Empower Agency Account Manager

Social Media

Building community across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn with daily updates and engaging content.

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Paid Media

Use paid media to help your campaigns create greater brand awareness and improved engagement for your high-value content.

More on Paid Media ➜

Content Marketing & SEO

An expertise in creating confident, clear content means we can help to get your messages across.

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Learn as we grow, together


Whether your team needs to sharpen up on social media, paid media, copywriting, video, strategy or anything else, Empower offer bespoke training that’s tailored to client needs and focused on providing take-away tools to help you get the most out of your digital skills.

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Who we’ve empowered

Saul Billingsley

“We’re extremely lucky to have you on our team, enduring the endless manic demands and working at lightspeed to get everything done, as well as going above and beyond to make the campaign a success.

Saul Billingsley
Executive Director, FIA Foundation​

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