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Empower is rated as a leading SEO agency for charities and nonprofits

The Empower team are consistently rated as one of the best SEO agencies for charities. Trust us to save you time and worry when it comes to running your SEO campaigns.

Causes that trust our SEO expertise

Empower have run SEO campaigns for organisations big and small, across global markets.

How SEO can benefit your organisation

Your cause can benefit from SEO campaigns that create greater brand awareness and improved engagement for your high-value content.

Drive website visits

Get relevant traffic to your website from people who are looking for your products services.

Measure your success

With our advanced platform you can track your entire Return On Investment. This means we can measure success.

Increase donor income

Get more online conversions including regular and on-off donors, essential for generating income on a regular basis.

A trusted SEO Agency for Charities and Nonprofits

Using a trusted SEO agency for your SEO allows you to put your services and fundraising campaigns in front of potential supporters at the time they are making key decisions.

Honest, straightforward advice

We work with you to create high performing results-driven SEO campaigns focussed on delivering leads and donors, not just clicks.

Friendly team driving proven results

As an award-winning SEO agency, you know your campaigns are in good hands with Empower.

Empower’s SEO Management Services

Make your SEO budget work harder by using a trusted SEO Agency.

Using Empower Agency’s strategies and processes, we continuously improve your SEO campaign results.

Campaign Strategy & Planning

  • SEO Strategy
  • SEO Ad Audits
  • Campaign Planning
  • Audience insights

Audience & Creative Development

  • Audience development
  • Keyword research
  • Ad Creative Development
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Video Editing

Implementation & Optimisation

  • SEO Campaign Setup
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Customer Journey Optimisation
  • Landing Page Optimisation

Measurement, Evaluation & Reporting

  • SEO Tracking Setup
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Performance Reviews

An example SEO campaign

Empower work with you to fully understand your organisation, your supporters, and your unique selling points. 

As an SEO agency specialising in charities and nonprofits, we often see conversion rates of clicks to leads up to 15% and above. 

We develop and create SEO campaigns specifically targeted to generate those all-important cash-gifts and regular donors.

Focusing on these aspects of your organisation, along with our professional client servicing, is what makes Empower Agency a leading SEO agency.

1. Campaign strategy & planning
Get detailed step-by-step SEO recommendations for your organisation.

2. Audience & Creative Development
We’ll research your target audiences, design engaging creative, write compelling copy and develop effective SEO-optimised landing pages for you.

3. Implementation & Optimisation
We can help you with full set up of SEO campaigns, optimising and scaling the SEO strategy for long-term success.

4. Measurement & Evaluation
Get detailed step-by-step SEO recommendations for what is working and what can be improved, including the Return on SEO Spend.

SEO Case Studies

A note from the Empower founder

We partner with you to create high performing results-driven SEO campaigns focussed on delivering donations and supporters, not just clicks.

With the use of SEO, we can make improvements to your visibility and overall online presence.

We’ll make sure you’re generating positive returns on your investment in SEO.

Empower can help you:

  • Save time when running SEO campaigns
  • Increase traffic to your websites
  • Drive down cost per acquisition
  • Increase conversions for your key call to action
  • Understand how SEO works without the jargon

In the past few years, we’ve helped charities drive thousands of visitors and made hundreds of conversions.  

We’d love for you to give Empower a try with your next SEO campaign.

Ben Matthews

Ben Matthews

Co-Founder, Empower Agency

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Empower are a SEO agency that specialise in generating ROI through SEO management for nonprofits and charities.

SEO has the opportunity to become a key part of your digital marketing strategy, reaching new and existing audiences at a cost-effective rate. Using your existing campaigns and simple testing, we will quickly gauge your target audience and use the data to drive results.

Got a question about Empower’s SEO management services? Get your answer in our SEO FAQs.

Why SEO?

SEO is by far the biggest and most popular way of allowing organisations to connect with their supporters.

We offer several SEO solutions to suit your exact campaign requirements and budget.

Find Your Audience Using SEO

Finding your customers through SEO may seem like looking for needles in the world’s largest online haystack, but your customers aren’t hiding out there in a fog of a billion users.

You have to identify and segment audiences and appeal to them directly in ways that resonate on an individual level.

It’s knowing this that helps us deliver  profitable SEO campaigns for our clients.

Generate SEO ROI

SEO traffic is unlikely to convert on their first visit to your site, so focussed measurement and cross-channel attribution is essential when it comes to calculating the true ROI of your Facebook ad spend.

To help with this, whatever analytics you use we can help make sense of the data and give you accurate, clear ROI reports.