About Empower

​​We’re Empower, a strategic digital comms agency helping you create impact around the world.

We help purpose-led organisations and the people that work for them around the world use digital tools to create and communicate positive social and environmental impact.

We’re problem-solvers and solution-finders, working closely with you to achieve your ambitions. We understand the challenges you face, have decades worth of experience under our belts, and are ahead of the curve with the latest digital trends. 

Like you, we want to use digital comms for social good, paving the way forward to a better world. We’re people-centered, ethical, driven by our purpose, and are a proud B Corp.

We aren’t fans of greenwashing, stunts and empty promises – and we’re determined to make a difference with you.

Our mission

Our mission is to help charities and NGOs, and the people that work for them, to make change happen.

Our vision

We want a world where charities and nonprofits have the support they need to tackle complex global challenges, in an ever-changing, increasingly volatile digital space.

We can work as part of your team wherever you are in the world. We collaborate alongside you as colleagues, rather than at arms length – and we’re there when you need us.

Our values

Our culture and values are at the core of who we are, and they’re woven through all we do. We are always on the lookout for clients that share our values and our vision for a better world.

Fortunately, as an organisation working in the purpose-led space, our values are the foundation of the impact we create in the world.

  • People-centred: We are kind, compassionate, inclusive and human.
  • Driven: We are ambitious experts that take initiative.
  • Ethical: We are trustworthy, transparent and fair.

Whatever challenges your team is facing, we can make change happen – together. 


At Empower, we value people above all else. We know the happier the people we work with are with the work they’re doing, the better our work for empower’s clients will be.

The better Empower’s work, the happier our clients are. Because of this, we make sure that everyone who works at Empower feels supported, challenged and inspired.

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