Facebook news feed update punishes promotional content from brands

Facebook announced this week that, as part of an ongoing survey, they asked hundreds of thousands of Facebook users how they feel about the content in their News Feeds. That means a Facebook news feed update is coming. The bad news for businesses? The overall response from users is that they want to see more stories from friends, and less promotional content from …

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Small Businesses and Social Media: Best Practice

Empower Director Ben Matthews was recently quoted in an article on The Guardian’s Small Business Network, looking at best practice for small business and social media: “Many website analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, also let you see where visitors are coming from when visiting your small business website. It’s a great way to check if your Facebook or Twitter channels …

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Digital Marketing Terms and Definitions

Keeping up with digital marketing terms can be difficult, especially as new products and services pop up every day – often bringing new words and phrases with them. That’s why we wanted to share this digital marketing terms and glossary from the University of Southampton that explains a lot of the key terms, plus some extra ones that come from lectures …

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3 new twitter tools to try: flounder, @goodaudience and @sumall

Here at Empower, we like to try out new social media tools, products and services on a regular basis. Comms and social media is a fast-moving industry, so there’s always a new product or service to play with that could improve your campaigns and change the way you communicate with your audiences. Although there’s lots of tools we could cover, we’ve picked out just 3 …

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UK Social Media Stats

Social media stats for the UK change all the time and differ according to which sources you choose from. But the UK media industry watchdog, Ofcom, publishes a quarterly report on the UK media landscape and is one of the most reliable out there. Most coverage of the August 2014 report has concentrated on the fact that adults spend more time engaged …

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Mobile Shopping: Email marketing works, social media doesn’t

Custora have published a new research report about Mobile Shopping in the US, finding that Social Media advertising isn’t working for mobile shopping – but email marketing is. Less than 1% of mobile sales came from social media networks (including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). Email marketing, on the other hand, drove 27% of sales on mobile phones. Customers responding to email …

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SEO basics for new charity websites

SEO basics for your new charity website

Here are a few SEO basics that you can do right now to help get your charity on the right track to reaching the right people through the right search results.