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Empower work daily on social video for global clients, and can bring this fresh expertise to your social videos.
Social video is marketing communications video content optimised for social media platforms and audiences.

Social video can offer incredibly high return-on-investment (ROI) and be produced very cost-effectively from scratch, or via your visual archive – photos, graphics, videos etc.

Honest senior counsel, and an integrated team approach will be Empower’s style as always. We aim for your videos to get the results they deserve, and your team to receive the knowledge transfer you need for future video planning and implementation.

We have recently seen big social video success, which we would love to tell you more about (we can’t share all of it here). Please do get in touch for a chat and quote against how we may be able to help.

Empower 1-2-3 Social Video Offering:

  1. Social Video Strategy:

Social video strategy requires three threads:

  • Core communications: As part of any good communications plan, you need a clear approach to audiences, environment, objectives, messaging etc, to frame your video work
  • Platform and content: Your communications strategy and environment will inform the platform and content strategy. The parameters created by your platform choice and content will shape the social video approach
  • Campaign specific: Introducing fresh video strategy to ongoing campaigns can help reinvigorate the audience engagement and re-use existing content.

Social video platform best practice changes incredibly quickly, and it’s essential to keep up with ‘what’s working now’ to deliver video ROI. Via Strategy, Creation and Distribution support, Empower can ensure you create and distribute videos which effectively reach your audience with your messages, and evaluate their success to help you continuously evolve your video approach.

  1. Content Strategy and Creation:

Empower can advise on, plan and create social video ranging from:

  • Full creation: Filming, storyboarding, video capture and editing
  • Co-creation: Vlogger outreach and co-creation with creative video makers and influencers
  • Archive mining: Planning and creating new video from your stills, video, graphics and branding
  • Versioning: Taking your videos and re-versioning for the current requirements of each platform
  • Live: Advising on use of live video by you and your staff, from Facebook live-stream, to live-uploads of snippets by you and your team work


  1. Optimised Distribution:

Empower can advise on and execute optimal distribution across all platforms, to ensure maximum exposure and ROI for your films. Activities can include:

  • Release packages: For you to implement including thumbnails, launch posts, SEO keywords, and recommended publishing schedule
  • Activation: Video upload, optimisation and launch by Empower. Monitoring and repeat posting where appropriate, eg: re-posting on twitter, multiple Instagram versions
  • Paid media support: Empower have extensive paid media experience, particularly around social video. Whatever the budget we can deliver a targeted and cost-effective campaign to help boost organic reach, secure a key audience, or drive the clicks and views you need. Empower will develop a testing programme to ensure the marketing budget is spent on the adverts, audiences and creatives that will deliver

Contact us for a chat and quote.

Unfortunately we can’t share all the video we have worked on recently, but here are a few examples we can share that we have been involved in the strategy or creation of:

Harper Collins – Abandoned Places book launch teaser video:

Crying Out Loud – Circa Tsuica promotional video:

UNHCR – ‘Refugees grandmother in Idomeni’: 

Email to find out more.

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