Empower’s agency culture: empowering great work, happy clients, good working lives

Empower Agency Culture

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A strong company culture is vital to delivering good work, and to living good work-lives. Empower have many retained and frequent returning clients, and a happy team, which we believe is in large part due to our strong culture.

Based on our company purpose:

Empower’s mission is to help people and purpose-led organisations around the world use digital tools to create and communicate positive social and environmental impact.

The principles of which are the three C’s

Empower care

  • We care for ourselves, our colleagues and our communities.
  • We care about our clients’ causes and the work they do.
  • We care about the quality of the work we do.

Empower create

  • We create value for the organisations we work with.
  • We create excellent experiences for our clients’ audiences.
  • We are creators in our personal lives, as well as at work.

Empower change

  • We are a force for positive social change.
  • We are agile and adapt quickly to change.
  • We are not afraid of change.

Keeping these three Cs at the heart of everything we do helps us to maintain our core values as we go about our work or come to make decisions.

Great work, happy clients

Over the last six years, these values have become stronger and developed into a set of ways of working that deliver great work, happy clients, suppliers and team.

Here are a few examples of how we live these values:

Empowering good working lives

Empower’s team work remotely, supported by weekly video calls, daily Slack contact, and a monthly co-working day and team outing.

This combination of regular contact and social time, with the freedom to work where and when we wish delivers brilliant value for us all, and a happy, loyal team.

70% of empower’s team are now also working a four-day week, which is a powerful choice to enable us all to balance our other commitments – study, hobbies, family etc.

All of this flexibility means 40% of empower’s team live outside of London, and are not commuting, helping stop the reliance on living in and traveling to the city.


Empowering green choices

As well as working for many green clients, empower have implemented several green choices:

  • No-commutes – as mentioned above, empower’s team only commute to us once, or occasionally twice a month, massively reducing the impact of a daily commute.
  • Low-carbon travel – public transport in the UK and the train to Europe or offset flights if further afield. We also lean towards video calls, and avoid flights where we can.
  • Plant-based – with a 40% veggie or vegan team, our food choices when we co-work always provide lots of options, and are often totally plant-based.
  • Eco website hosting – a simple choice for our website, email and digital storage.
  • Paperless – We have been paperless since day one, and as home-workers, rarely use any office supplies.
  • Consume less – We generally commit to the principle of consuming less being one of the best ways to protect the planet. So no gimmicky gifts, or unnecessary items get bought or used.


Empowering generosity

There are several ways in which generosity permeates what we do:


Empower are generous with our time, and open with our knowledge. We do not withhold insight, contacts or information from our clients. By sharing our work and workings, we achieve a trust and transparency that cements client relationships, and delivers many retainers and returning clients.

Team and suppliers

Empower are generous with everyone we work with, which includes everything from, paying promptly, supporting four-day weeks, buying lunches and co-working space, paying for additional travel, and being flexible to accommodate people’s real, busy lives.

Within the workplace, empower work kindly and generously together, being a second pair of eyes on documents and videos, stepping in on busy accounts, and being quick to respond to Slack call outs for a quick favour.

Like the sound of empower’s company culture?

Here’s what to do next:

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