Open call: Freelance social media community managers, video editors and paid media specialists

Ben Matthews

By Ben Matthews

In Empower Life

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Empower are always looking for the best freelancers to compliment our established team, working with amazing clients that are changing the world for good.

This is the place to get in touch with us if you’d like to work with Empower Agency as a freelancer, or are interested in finding out more about what freelancing with Empower involves.

Firstly, thank you for your interest in working with us and becoming part of Empower’s network of trusted freelance and partner organisations. We strongly welcome approaches from freelance social media managers, video editors and paid media specialists that we haven’t worked with before, and are constantly looking to improve the diversity of talent and experience of our network, as we are a fully remote agency and work asynchronously.

If you have experience helping organisations and teams run effective campaigns, enjoy building relationships and problem-solving, and would be excited to help spread best practice across Empower and our clients, this is the opportunity for you.

Who we’re looking for

We’re always looking for the following to join our freelancer network:

  • Social Media Community Managers – To ensure well-run, engaging channels, campaigns, profiles and social moments
  • Paid Media Consultants – To plan and implement campaigns that land the right message to the perfect audience
  • Video Editors – To produce, edit and capture dynamic, impactful video optimised for social media
  • Designers – To create super-shareable social cards, gifs, and more
  • Developers – To deliver wonderfully usable sites, apps and experiences

At the moment, we’re particularly looking for social media community managers, paid media consultants and freelance video editors / producers.

How our freelance network works

Empower is a social media agency that runs campaigns for some of the biggest and best charity, nonprofit and social good brands around the world. We run award-winning social media campaigns, translating our clients’ goals into effective strategy and implementation, are flexible and inventive, seeing social media challenges as opportunities to develop bespoke approaches.

During busy periods, we need to work with a diverse group of freelancers who are specialists in their field to add extra capacity and expertise to our core team. We see our freelance partners as complementary to our core Empower teams, whether as an individual social media specialist, a video editor, a paid media specialist, or someone with the deep sector expertise that we need for one of our projects.

Our freelancer network isn’t exclusive, so you’re free to freelance for other organisations as you always have, and we will only sign a contract if we have a specific project for you to work on.

How to apply to join our freelancer network

We want to make it easy to join our freelancer network and ensure that you’re the first to hear whenever we have new projects that we need extra freelance support on.

To join the Empower network as a freelancer, all you need to do is send us:

  • Covering email (Who you are, your social media experience)
  • Link to CV / LinkedIn profile / portfolio / showreel / example projects
  • Your day rate
  • Your general availability / capacity
  • Anything we should know

Please send all of the above in an email to

We’ll then review your application and be in touch to arrange a call with any suitable projects that come up.

The information you provide will not be shared with anyone outside of Empower and can be removed upon request at any time.

We can’t wait to hear from you, but in the meantime why not find out more about Empower’s mission and values, our agency culture, or other career opportunities.