The Empower team is a global, cross-discipline team of digital marketing experts. Our combined experience across a range of sectors means we can confidently put together a team that excels at meeting your challenges, whatever they are.

At Empower, we value people above all else. We know the happier the people we work with are with the work they’re doing, the better our work for empower’s clients will be. The better Empower’s work, the happier our clients are.

Because of this, we make sure that everyone who works at Empower feels supported, challenged and inspired. Take a look at our current job opportunities.

Ben Matthews


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Jaz Cummins


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Elana Kenton

Head of Strategy

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Hannah Brennan

Account Manager

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Bongi Kellner

Social Media Manager

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Bethany Crowe Empower Agency

Bethany Crowe

Digital Consultant

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Hannah West - Empower Agency

Hannah West

Account Manager

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Pat Hinton

Digital Consultant

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Julia Tatai

Digital Consultant

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Lorna Salmon

Social Media Manager

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Alice Rath

Digital Consultant

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Kate O'Neill

Kate O’Neill

Account Manager

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Catherine Raboteur Empower Agency

Catherine Raboteur

Operations Manager

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Jed Chapman - Empower Agency

Jed Chapman

Social Media Manager

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Will De Villiers - Empower Agency

Will De Villiers

Digital Consultant

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