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Social media training is now on offer by the Empower team to charities and nonprofits. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Empower have 3 social media training courses to offer:

  • Social Media Strategy: The Basics
  • Advanced Social Media Strategy
  • Writing For The Web

All participants will have access to the presentation materials used, handouts, an email containing all the tools and links mentioned in the presentation, and access to the Empower team to ask any follow up questions.

Personalisation for course content is welcome, we can fit each social media training session according to your needs, and each session can be delivered individually or on consecutive days / weeks.

Social Media Strategy: The Basics

Level: Introductory

Covers: Internal Communications, Strategic Communications, Social and Digital Media, Presentation Skills, Campaigning, External Communications, Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, blogs and other online platforms and communities are central to the way every brand communicates. Social media shapes the day’s headlines, hosts the public’s opinions and debates, raises grassroots voices and builds online communities. It is essential that anyone in a PR, marketing and communications role understands social media and can leverage their skills to use it to its best.

This entertaining, interactive half-day course will take you through the basics of social media theory and applications, with your working life in mind. The day will cover how to get started with the tools, how to incorporate social media into your PR campaigns and your normal working day.

The course covers how you can build and strengthen your client’s relationships and reach their audiences through online communities. You will leave ready to explore social media in a strategic fashion, confident of how to apply your skills to your client’s campaigns.

Advanced Social Media Strategy

Level: Intermediate

Covers: Strategy, Resource Planning, Measurement, Content Strategy, SEO, Evaluation, Marketing

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are now part of the PR mainstream and already part of many of our working days. As key platforms and online behaviour matures, there’s a need to take stock of social media strategy and execution.

An advanced social strategy must now consider measurement frameworks, resource planning, testing, content strategy, SEO, platform evaluation, marketing options and much more.

This practical and engaging half-day course will help you to step back from day-to-day social media usage and take your application of it’s tools to the next level. This course will assist you evaluate your client’s social media strategy, benchmark existing communities and create an ongoing measurement framework.

The role of SEO, content planning and how to resource effectively will be covered, as well as approaches to testing and how to evaluate new platforms and social media marketing opportunities as they arise.

Writing For The Web

Level: Introductory

Covers: Web Copywriting, Social Media Copy Optimisation, SEO, Email Marketing, Blogging, Measurement

“Content is king” has long been the web mantra, with expensive content like video and photo applications continuing to boom. However, strong copy that delivers key messages to both readers and for Search Engine Optimisation has never been more important.

As attention spans online shrink, the capacity to get your message across clearly, concisely and in an engaging fashion is a skill that needs constant development.

This half-day course will help you strategically approach writing web with a focus on your own platforms eg: websites and newsletters, but also for social media.

Simple SEO guidelines, managing content calendars, using links, delivering calls to action and all important subject lines will be covered. Simple measurement frameworks and testing will be discussed to help you track progress in your web copy’s performance.

Interested in Social Media Training for your agency or business? Contact Ben Matthews to discuss your needs and for availability.

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