Snapchat advertising, Buzzfeed news and the thing about influencers (Empower Mondays)

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Daily Mail, WPP and Snapchat launch native advertising agency: The Daily Mail, Sir Martin Sorrell’s WPP and Snapchat are to launch an agency to cash-in on the rise of native advertising. The agency, called Truffle Pig, aims to combine the “best of global agency, newsroom and social media talent”.

BuzzFeed launches dedicated news app: Another day, a new app. What is more interesting is the makeup of the Buzzfeed news audience. 25 million people visit BuzzFeed News each month. More than half of them are on mobile, and they are young (skewing 18 to 34), and very often women. Younger audiences often come to BuzzFeed News via lists and quizzes — come for the cats in tiny hats, stay for the hard-hitting investigations. This is precisely the reverse of what they see with older folks, who say they want news, but often spend more time on the site trying to see if Buzzfeed can guess their age.

10 secrets to make a social media manager’s life easier: Managing social media effectively is about posting the right content on the right platform, establishing your brand’s authority, thinking ahead, building relations, measuring and monitoring your performance. This is a nice guide for how to do just that.

Pinterest adds verified users: Verified users will see red check marks next to their names on their profiles; that way, you can be sure you’re not looking at a fake Obama account. Pinterest is working with select brands for verification, but is not accepting applications to be verified right now (as Twitter does, for example).

So you’ve been to an event, now what? Quick read from the guys at Brilliant Noise on how to enjoy a lasting benefit from the time you’ve invested into events.

The Thing About Influencers: Mat Morrison has been doing an awful lot of thinking about “influencers” recently as part of a big project. It’s been almost a decade since he last looked at the problem in any depth; back then he was fascinated by the Social Network Analysis opportunities: these days, as you’ll see, much less so. Worth reading if you haven’t already (which you should have).

The psychology of web browsing: When it comes to website optimization, developers can unintentionally trigger adverse behaviour from visitors to their site if they don’t take psychology into account. Here’s what to look out for and how to avoid negative reactions.

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