Schedule Tweets with Images Using Buffer and Twitter Ads

Tweets with inline images have been proven to increase clicks, retweets and favourites. Here are several ways you can schedule tweets with images, using Twitter Ads and Buffer.

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Tweets with inline images have been proven to increase clicks, retweets and favourites

, so when a client was looking for a way to schedule tweets with an image attached, we thought this would be easy.

But our client’s tool of choice, Tweetdeck (which is owned by Twitter), won’t let you schedule and post an image at the same time.

Likewise, when using another favoured social media scheduling tool, Hootsuite, the image is published on Twitter as an link without the image showing to your followers (not as an inline image), so they have to click through to see the image.

As the client didn’t know how a way around this, they were live tweeting all their images – fine during the day when they were in the office, but not so great for evening and weekends.

So I posted the question into the always-helpful London Community Managers Facebook group and it turns out there are several ways you can schedule tweets with images, using Twitter Ads and Buffer.

Twitter Ads

Tweet using Twitter Ads

You can also do schedule tweets with images via Twitter’s ad platform. Just click on the ‘creatives’ tab at the top, choose ‘tweets’ and it will allow you to schedule tweets with images.

The tweets you schedule don’t have to be part of any campaign either, so you don’t have to pay for the privilege.

Schedule Twitter Ads Campaign

Here’s a preview of what it looks like in the Twitter Ads dashboard:


Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that helps you manage multiple social media accounts at once.

Using Buffer, you can quickly schedule content from anywhere on the web and collaborate with team members working on the same accounts.

Schedule Tweets with Images using Buffer

They have a feature similar to Twitter ads, where you can schedule tweets with images, like so:

The Buffer browser extension also lets you right-click on any image you find on a site and use it in your tweet. They automatically add the link of the page, so you can easily credit the owner of the image. This uploads the image to Twitter itself, which means Twitter will show it inline.

Buffer Analytics

The advantage of using Buffer over Twitter Ads is that you can also analyse rich statistics on how your posts perform: Another tool that was mentioned was Spreadfast, which is a paid-for tool hence not reviewed here. Let us know if that tool is worth looking into too.

So there you have it – lots of easy ways to schedule tweets with images. What are you waiting for? Get scheduling your tweets with inline images!

6 thoughts on “Schedule Tweets with Images Using Buffer and Twitter Ads”

  1. Avatar

    Actually, you CAN use Hootsuite to post images that show up inline. 🙂 You have to change the preference in each social network’s profile settings. In the publisher it’ll show up as but once it’s sent it’ll be a twit pic.
    I’m glad you talked about using Twitter ads to schedule posts, though. Seems like not many people know this and you can choose more specific times!

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