PR For Startups, Publishing Experiments, Speed as a Habit

PR For Startups: You’ve built your product and you’re now ready for your first major launch. Or you’ve been through a launch or two, but are looking to scale the process as you’re doing more launches and announcements. You really have two options: do it all on your own, or work with a PR agency. One frequent crossroad is that you’re not at the point of a full time PR person, but unsure what a PR agency can offer you. And what’s the best way to work with them so you’re getting the maximum value?

Twitter Introduces Event Targeting Ads: Twitter advertisers anywhere in the world can target users based on their interest in / interaction with certain big global events (e.g. World Cup, VMAs). You select your event from the calendar, you get to see a whole load of data about previous years’ content and engagement on Twitter, allowing you to ostensibly tailor your content appropriately, and then cross-target based on all sorts of other criteria (age, geography, other interests).

YouTube Launching New App: Designed for those people who don’t want to miss a second of the latest videos, this lets users to receive in-app alerts when YouTubers upload new stuff, lets you browse content by category, and there’s also quite a lot of new in-app editing functionality, filters, etc, for creators.

Facebook Upgrades Video (Again): Facebook’s video settings now giver you the ability to upload videos but keep them off-Page (e.g. hidden / secret videos), set them as non-embeddable, set an expiration date on them, add custom thumbnails and more.

GoPro Video Can Now Be Live-streamed: Use Meerkat to stream live video from the latest GoPros. Might make Meerkat worth another look.

Speed as a habit:The companies that succeed work with a sense of urgency, says Upworthy CEO Dave Girouard.

Get out of the way:After releasing the first version of your product, here’s what Path co-founder Dave Morin thinks you should do. Hint: it’s in the title.

>A Publishing Experiment: For content marketing, should you lean towards quality or quantity? Data lovers Moz and Hubspot run an experiment to decide. Warning: a very long read!

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