Increasing leads by 283% at a conversion rate of over 42% for Breakroom

Ben Matthews

By Ben Matthews

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“Empower were the first media agency we worked with at Breakroom and they helped us professionalise our paid ad campaigns when we didn’t have an in-house expert. With their help, we were able to scale our ad hoc spending and acquire more users through paid channels. And when we faced challenges with getting consistent results, the Empower team worked hard to get to the route of the problem. They’re a responsive team and lovely people to work with”

  • Anna Maybank, CEO, Breakroom

About Breakroom

Breakroom is the people-powered job comparison site for hourly work. 

By asking workers questions about their jobs, Breakroom rate all hourly jobs, giving each a unique Breakroom Rating. This means workers can compare their jobs to find out if they’re getting a good deal at work, and what employers offer better jobs.

Breakroom ratings are based on facts about a job, whether it offers sick pay or if the shifts are flexible, so their ratings are unbiased and more accurate.

The Challenge

To date, over 120,000 UK workers have used Breakroom to see if they get a good deal at work. 

Our focus was to help Breakroom acquire users through targeting hourly workers on Facebook Ads and Google Ads: the highest number of users at the lowest cost. 

The Approach

Breakroom had asked Empower to execute all Facebook advertising campaigns with a focus on developing a robust testing plan to understand the most effective strategies.

An audit of existing data was conducted to understand the success metrics and key areas to improve. The challenge for Empower was to drive a high volume of leads each month, whilst testing new hypotheses every week.

Working closely with the Breakroom team, Empower created the messaging and assets, all tailored to the type of users we were communicating with. 

The Results

Over the 9 months Empower worked on Breakroom’s Facebook ads campaign, we were able to achieve over 200,000 leads at an average cost of £0.33 – a 283% increase in Facebook Leads that Breakroom were achieving before working with Empower, at a conversion rate of over 42%.

And the average cost per lead of £0.33 was so low that Facebook’s own team said they had never seen performance like this before”

“You should also note that the UK is a very competitive market and, in my experience, the cost just for Link Clicks is  £0.40 on an average; I have never seen any Conversion campaign that brings leads for less than £0.40 like you have.

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