Digital Audits for nonprofits

Get clarity in how your digital activity is performing, what you can improve on, and how you make improvements

Nonprofits commission Empower to run digital audits so that they get clarity on how they are performing, confidence in what they can improve on, and the knowledge for how they make those improvements.

Trust us to save you time and worry when it comes to understanding your digital marketing strengths and areas for improvement.

Causes that trust our digital audit expertise

Empower have implemented digital marketing audit, impact measurement and performance evaluation services for organisations big and small, across global markets.

How digital audits can benefit your organisation

Busy digital teams in the charity sector often work on very low resource. After planning, delivery and maintenance of digital channels there often isn’t a chance to look back and reflect.

This means missing out on valuable insights that could help us reach more people, work more efficiently and further our causes.

Empower’s team of digital communications and evaluation specialists can help you gather the evidence you need to maximise results from your website, social media and email marketing.

Understand your audience

We can help you understand whether your audience responds to specific themes or content formats better than others, and how they behave in comparison to online audiences generally.

Measure your success

With our advanced platform you can track your entire Return On Investment. This means we can measure success.

Improve your reporting processes

Our experts can help make your workflows more efficient, empowering you to report back to colleagues and funders with confidence.

A trusted Digital Agency for Charities and Nonprofits

Using a trusted digital marketing audit, measurement and evaluation agency allows you to put your products and services in front of potential supporters at the time they are making key decisions.

Honest, straightforward advice

We work with you to get the best results for your campaigns and generate robust reports that demonstrate the power of digital for your colleagues and funders.

Friendly team driving proven results

As an award-winning digital agency, you know your digital marketing audits, measurement and evaluation are in good hands with Empower.

Empower’s Digital Audit services

Work smarter not harder by using a trusted digital agency.

Using Empower Agency’s proven and trusted processes, we continuously improve your digital marketing audits, measurement and evaluation. Our services can help you answer some of the following questions:

Simple Digital Audit

  • What social media channel drives most traffic to my website?
  • Which of my social media channels has the biggest following?
  • How many people saw / engaged with my brand last year?

Advanced Digital Audit

  • Does my audience respond to specific themes better than others?
  • Should I worry about the time of day, or day of the week that I post?
  • How important is the content format, e.g. video, link, image?
  • How do my audience behave in comparison to online audiences generally?

Campaign / Project Evaluation

  • How do make sure I am able to report to colleagues / funders where my donations/ signatures/ sign-ups came from?n
  • How do I track how many times my hashtag is used?

Custom Evaluation Consultancy

  • How can I make my reporting workflow more efficient?
  • Why am I seeing a lack of results in X platform?
  • Should I be spending more time on video?
  • What is the most important channel for my audience?

Digital Audit Case Studies

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