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A trusted Google Ads Agency for Charities and Nonprofits

Using a trusted Google Ads agency for your paid media allows you to put your services and fundraising campaigns in front of potential supporters at the time they are making a donation decision.

We work with you to create high performing results-driven campaigns focussed on delivering leads and donors, not just clicks.

As an award-winning media agency, you know your campaigns are in good hands with Empower.

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Empower’s Google Ads Management Services

Using Empower Agency’s internal strategies and processes continuously improves Google Adwords campaign results ensuring you get the best possible results.

Make your Google Ads Grant budget work harder by using a trusted Google Ad Grants Agency.

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Google Ads

  • Google Ads Grants Management
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Fundraising Lead Generation
  • Challenge Events
  • Conversion Tracking

User Journey

  • Call Tracking
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Creation
  • Customer Journey Optimisation
  • Google Ads (PPC) Management

An example Google Ads campaign​

Empower work with you to fully understand your organisation, your supporters, and your unique selling points. 

We develop and create Google Ads campaigns specifically targeted to generate those all-important cash-gifts and regular donors.

As a Google Adwords agency specialising in charities and nonprofits, we often see conversion rates of clicks to leads up to 15%. 

Focusing on these aspects of your organisation, along with our professional client servicing, is what makes Empower Agency a leading Google Ads agency.

Start your campaign Monthly Ad Spend 100% Click Through Rate 28% Conversion Rate 15% Fundraising Income Increase 88%

A note from the Empower founder

At Empower, we have a team of highly experienced Google Ads experts that understand the challenges that charities and nonprofits face.

We partner with you to create high performing results-driven campaigns focussed on delivering donations and supporters, not just clicks.

With the use of Google Ads Grants, we can make improvements to your visibility and overall online presence through their $10,000 / £8,000 per month in free Google Ad spend.

And if you already have the Google Ad Grant or are running paid Google Ads campaigns, we’ll make sure you’re generating positive returns on your investment in Google Ads.

Empower can help you:

  • Save time when running Google Ads
  • Increase traffic to your websites
  • Drive down cost per acquisition
  • Increase conversions for your key call to action
  • Understand how Google Ads work without the jargon

In the past few years, we’ve helped charities drive thousands of visitors and made hundreds of conversions.  

We’d love for you to give Empower a try with your next Google Ads campaign.

Ben Matthews

Ben Matthews

Co-Founder, Empower Agency

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Google Ads Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Not sure how to get started with Google Ads? Below are the most common questions we get from our charities and nonprofit clients that work with Empower on their Google Ads Grants accounts.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express) is an online advertising solution that businesses use to promote their products and services on Google Search, YouTube and other sites across the web. Google Ads also allows advertisers to choose specific goals for their ads, like driving phone calls or website visits.

With a Google Ads account, advertisers can customise their budgets and targeting, and start or stop their ads at any time.

Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express are the previous names for the new, improved Google Ads.

How does Google Ads Work?

Google Ads works by displaying your ad when people search online for the products and services you offer. By leveraging smart technology, Google Ads helps get your ads in front of potential customers at just the moment they’re ready to take action.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You start by selecting your goal, like getting more visitors to your website or more phone calls to your business.
  2. Next you select the geographic area where your ad should be shown. It can be a small radius around your business or much broader, like cities, counties or entire countries.
  3. Finally, you’ll craft your ad and set your monthly budget cap.
  4. Once your ad is approved, it can appear whenever users in your target area search for a product or service like yours. You only pay when users engage with your ad, like clicking your ad or calling your organisation – and you pay nothing if you have the Google Ad Grant!

What are the different types of Google Ads

  • Search Network campaigns – usually text form, these ads can show on Google Search results pages when someone searches for a product or service that’s similar to your
  • Display Network campaigns – usually image form, these ads appear on websites or apps that your customers visit.
  • Video campaigns – usually 6 or 15 second videos, these ads show right before or during YouTube content

What is CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising?

CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) means you only pay for an ad if someone clicks on it. Other advertising models include:

  • Cost Per Impression, where you pay based on how many times your ad was shown (not clicked)
  • Cost Per Engagement, where you pay when a user completes a predefined engagement (like watching your video ad)

How do I start advertising on Google?

To get started with Google Ads, click here to sign up. Our guided set-up process will walk you through creating your first ad in just a few steps. If you need help signing up, our Google Ads experts are available to set up your new account and even assist in creating your first campaign at no additional cost.

What’s the different between Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a longer term game and involves the correct set up of your website and online presence, ultimately to bring you more organic search and referral traffic. You don’t pay for this traffic, but you’ll pay with time and money getting it right.

SEO should always be an important element of your digital marketing mix, and it’s often overlooked and underestimated by both organisations and web developers.

Google Ads is a fast way of bringing in targeted traffic to your website. It is fast to set up, and a far faster way to generate the traffic than SEO (generally).

Both are ongoing investments, but you’ll only pay for AdWords clicks when people are interested in your product (generally).

With SEO you have to invest before you get the traffic. With Google AdWords, you generally only pay when people click through to your website.

Both are important.

Certain SEO elements will help improve the quality of your AdWords campaigns.

It is important to understand that running paid advertising with Google will not make any difference to your organic search rankings, although it may improve the click through rate of your organic listings (due to searchers subtly seeing your brand in an advert before scrolling down).

Can’t we just run Google Ads in house?

Usually when we hear this opinion of Google Ads, the root cause is due to either running campaigns in house without the appropriate knowledge, or having a bad experience with a “pile ’em high, sell them cheap with hard sales call tactics” type agency.

Running an AdWords campaign without knowing how to use the platform can be a recipe for not getting the results you’d like.

What’s involved in setting up a Google Ads campaign?

Setting up an AdWords campaign is quite complicated if you are doing it well, and involves a good knowledge of the platform. It’s not just clicking a few buttons.

Setting up a new campaign involves the following, and more :

  • Understanding your advertising objectives
  • Understanding your products and profitability of them
  • Deciding which campaign types are most appropriate
  • Keyword research
  • Creating the correct campaign structure to drive down costs
  • Your campaign ideas may result in several AdWords campaigns being created to be more effective
  • Creating many ‘ad extensions’ to make your adverts more compelling
    Writing copy for many different adverts (It’s not uncommon for a ‘simple’ campaign to have 100’s of ad variations if done well)
  • Creating or providing input to several different banner adverts (if using display)
  • Setting up conversion tracking within Google Analytics
    (this can be simple, but can also be very time consuming)
  • Minor modifications to your website to allow conversion tracking
  • …and lots more.

This takes a lot of time, but ultimately it means your money will go further, and you’ll get better returns.

Why does a campaign need to be managed and optimised each month?

Your campaigns need to be managed and optimised regularly to make them work better over time, and allow you to expand on them.

This involves creating new ad groups and keywords, pausing ads or keywords that aren’t working, making suggestions about new campaigns, checking if the budget is adequate and making suggestions around where to increase it, ensuring your ads aren’t being shown for irrelevant keywords and lots more.

The advertising space isn’t static. There’s millions of calculations performed in a real time auction every time an ad is displayed. Optimising it means your campaigns will continue to improve and expand. Even if nothing was touched, and other advertisers started new campaigns, your results could be very different on a week to week or month to month basis.

Why do I need an agency to manage my Google Ads?

There are some great staff at Google but when you call the main helpline you are unlikely to get the same person.

If you do they have to help many people and will not be able to help with more detailed elements like tracking return on investment and discussing the best goals to set up in Analytics to measure.

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