How a new strategy and playbook helped reinvigorate Amnesty’s UK social media activity

Ben Matthews

By Ben Matthews

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“Empower were the perfect partners to deliver our social media playbook. Their impressive ability to combine strategic thinking with covering day-to-day social media management enabled them to understand the pressures and processes at Amnesty and ensured they delivered a product that really works for us. Can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Berry Cochrane, Digital Engagement Manager

Amnesty UK is one of the foremost humanitarian and campaigning organisations in the UK. They needed a playbook for the whole team to use as responsibility for social media was mainstreamed across the team

The Challenge

Amnesty UK approached Empower to revise their internal strategy during a time of transition for their growing digital team.

The challenge was multi-faceted; Empower was to provide context and insight to improve the performance of their overall content, to support the team in having a more cohesive internal production process, and to refresh their strategic approach to their social media activity.

The key measures of success for this project were:

  • Improved performance of social media content
  • An adaptable and reusable playbook to help Amnesty achieve continued success after Empower has finished their consultation

The Approach

To create Amnesty’s detailed social media playbook, Empower spent several weeks in-office with the digital team at Amnesty, studying their current process and creating a 360-degree view of how their team approaches digital campaign work.

The Empower team mapped out their approach from every angle, as well as studying the performance, tone and style of their current digital content across their organisation. We also experimented with production ourselves, trying several different social media approaches on their main channels to provide additional context to our final strategy suggestions.

The study, research and experimentation with the Amnesty team over a 2-month period culminated in a detailed playbook for their team, providing a re-usable and adaptable ‘living’ playbook.

The playbook provides a robust strategic approach for Amnesty’s ongoing social media efforts, including style, channel-specific advice and reporting methods.

Crucially, the playbook can be used by anyone in their organisation to help plan, produce and execute social media content.

The Results

The result of our playbook has provided the digital team at Amnesty more confidence to plan and execute successful social media content.

It has also provided them with the context to take full advantage of their existing creative resources – specifically around video production, the most influential style of social media in 2016.

Not only that, but during our time in-office with Amnesty, we helped them to drastically improve their Twitter content performance, Instagram content and Facebook Page performance.

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