AI Anxiety: Career concerns of the creative industries

Jed Chapman

By Jed Chapman


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NEW! The AI Anxiety report is now live. A summary of the report, “Do I have AI Anxiety?”, is here, but to download a full PDF version of the report with additional insight for later reading, please download the full AI Anxiety report here.

We’re excited to tell you about a research project that the AI Comms Lab team at Empower is undertaking, called AI Anxiety: Career concerns of the creative industries.

We’re kicking off our research with a 10-15 minute, anonymous survey for people who have worked in the Design, Development, Comms, Marketing, Digital, Video Production and other teams in the creative and related industries.

The survey explores areas such as concerns about the ethical use of generative AI, the impacts of generative AI on specific industries and professions, and incorporation generative AI tools into the creative process.

We’re hoping that this survey can be a place for people to unload their experiences and also offer any creative solutions. 

Click here to take the survey and/or please share it with anyone you know who might have perspective on this topic.

Take the AI Anxiety survey

We anticipate publishing the findings of this research through various written pieces, conference presentations, and on our website.

Thanks in advance for your participation and feel free to share with your networks to help us gain more insights into this rapidly developing topic.

Take the AI Anxiety survey here.