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Ben Matthews

By Ben Matthews

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Agencies for Good is a community of tech for good agencies, consultancies and freelancers. The community hangs out on Slack and support each other to do socially impactful work and Empower are delighted to be a part of the community.

See if you can spot our co-founder Ben Matthews on the Agencies for Good homepage!

The Agencies for Good community is a fantastic place to:

  • Discuss agency & freelance life: We chat about everything. From contracts to code. Insight to implementation. You name it.
  • Find people to collaborate with: Collaborate with agencies, freelancers and consultants. Work together on proposals, content, events.
  • Celebrate launches: A place to share and celebrate. Also a great opportunity to get feedback on your work.
  • Share briefs: If you’ve seen a brief you want to share, or would like a second opinion on a brief.
  • Respond to urgent needs‍: If you’re looking for people, funding or advice, then the community is quick to respond. And super supportive.
  • Talk about design & tech: Things move fast in digital. Share the latest methods and approaches that actually work.
  • Host projects and programmes: If you need to work with a group of agencies and freelancers, then we can help host your programme.

The Agency for Good community is made up of a diverse bunch of freelancers and individuals working at places like We Are OpenFounders and Coders, AndGood, OutlandishAgile CollectiveSnookDot ProjectEmpower and more, so it’s well worth joining if that sounds like you’re cup of tea.

We also love their house rules, which are similar to Empower’s agency values:

  • Be thoughtful: This is an inclusive space. Think about how what you say could be taken by people with a different perspective to you.
  • Be friendly: Start by assuming everyone here is nice and act in the same way.
  • Be empathetic: Understanding each other. Imagine how people are feeling. Let’s be sensitive and create an empathetic environment.
  • Be honest: Sometimes work is great. Sometimes it is less great. Let’s give constructive feedback whenever we can. It improves our work and our impact.
  • Be generous: Be open about your work and experiences. No one here is looking to rip you off. Share what you do and what you know.

Does Agencies for Good sound good to you too?

Good! You can request to join the community at