Social Media Strategy and Community Management

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Empower’s Social Media Strategy and Community Management service is second to none, maximising returns from your social media campaigns.

We pride ourselves on being able to improve almost any campaign and deliver an exceptionally high ROI. We have the technology and expertise to deliver results. And not just with Facebook – we manage outstanding Social Media Strategy and Community Management campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

We know each social media platform inside out and can recommend the best strategy for your business.

Put simply, we live and breathe Social Media Strategy and Community Management. And we love what we do.

With Empower, you will have a dedicated account manager who works on your campaign from day one. Our incredibly low staff turnover means there’s no need to worry about frequently changing campaign managers. But that’s not all. You will also have the superhuman brains of our entire Social Media Strategy and Community Management team working for you.

Social Media Audits

We immerse ourselves in your company and industry, learning about your objectives, competitors and unique selling points to create a bespoke Social Media Strategy. Assigning you our most appropriate Community Manager means we’ll already have a head start here.

See our work with Amnesty International

Social Media Strategy

Using a mix of our amazing in-house gadgetry and good old-fashioned brain power, we build your Social Media Strategy to drive the highest quality engagement and traffic to your community.

 See our election work with The Green Party

Social Media Community Management

Don’t think we’re finished there! Getting a new Social Media campaign up and running is just the start. We work on your campaigns daily, striving to continuously refine/expand as necessary in order to improve engagement, clicks and drive ROI ever higher. And we’re not happy to simply meet your targets – we want to exceed them, again and again. And again. And again.

 We’ve been managing We Mean Business’ communities for three years

Social Media Optimisation

We aim to continually improve performance of our campaigns and use structured testing and optimisation to accomplish this.

Social Media Reporting

We believe in 100% transparency because we think you should know exactly where your money is going. We will provide a detailed plan of action for each account so that you can see what we plan to do and when. We can provide reporting to meet your needs, whether weekly, monthly or ad-hoc and will aim for regular phone calls and face to face meetings. Empower are measurement experts, and relish the chance to dive into your data for actionable insights.

Find out more about Empower’s Social Media Strategy and Community Management services

For proof of our Social Media Strategy and Community Management expertise, why not take a look through our client case studies. Then get in touch with Empower and find out how we can revolutionise your Social Media Strategy and Community Management (we know we can!).

Hire Empower for your next social media campaign

Empower run Digital Marketing, Communications and Social Media campaigns for some of the biggest and best technology, consumer, media, mobile, government, charity and global development brands around the world. As independent consultants, we can offer your impartial advice at reasonable rates, with the flexibility to work to your campaign schedules.

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