Medact see 122% increase in report downloads with support from Empower

Medact asked empower to design, plan and execute the digital promotion of two consecutive reports. Here's how we drove a 122% increase in report downloads.

“Working with empower to launch several reports has helped Medact improve how we plan, launch and measure our research. They’ve been trusted advisors from the beginning and have offered creative strategy that gave our report launches a tangible boost. Highly recommended, we look forward to working with them again.”

Medact is an organisation which aims to support the health community to support policy change and shift public attitudes on global health issues through education, analysis and campaigning.

They have four distinct areas of work:

  • Peace and Security
  • Climate and Ecology
  • Economic Justice
  • Health and Human Rights

They are primarily based in the UK but work across national boundaries, not least as part of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning organisation International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) and International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)


The Challenge

Meadact asked empower to design, plan and execute the digital promotion of two consecutive reports for Medact.

The first, A Safer Worldwas on a subject of great significance to their supporters and central to the organisation’s history – Nuclear disarmament.

The second, Digesting the Indigestible, was on a subject with a much more mainstream appeal, improving hospital food. This also came with a Campaigning Toolkit to help activists with the practical elements of affecting change.

The Approach

One of the best aspects of Medact’s work is the in-depth research and consideration that goes into their campaigns and reports. As highly trained medical professionals, their audience nearly always comes from strong academic backgrounds and so require strong evidence and analysis to be convinced an issue is worth supporting.

This level of depth isn’t always easy to transfer onto social media, however, so empower’s approach with both the A Safer World and Digesting the Indigestible reports was to extract key messages and headlines in order to create ‘teaser content’, such as:

Quote graphics:

Sections of the reports split up into blogs

Good for an extra SEO boost too!

Social videos

Presented natively on Facebook and Twitter which summarised the report


Influencer outreach

For Digesting the Indigestible, Medact had also put together a Campaigning Toolkit which gave us the chance, not just to help inform our audience, but to enable health professionals to take action.

We mapped out an audience of interested groups and influencers. Some were national organisations and groups, but as the campaigners toolkit was about enabling grassroots activism, most of our focus was on local individuals and groups.

We selected three specific areas to target. This was to make the audience mapping manageable and to because Medact wanted to be able to easily see if the toolkit lead to any tangible results.

The Results

Overall, Medact saw a 122% increase in report downloads compared to previous report figures, through the campaign support from empower.

Additionally, empower helped Medact gain the following benefits through digital marketing activity:

A Safer World

  • Our email communications accounted for 13% of downloads.
  • Social media accounted for 26% of downloads.
  • 30% of people who viewed the report page downloaded the report.
  • 32% Click-to-open rate on our email communications promoting the report.

Digesting the Indigestible

  • Our email communications accounted for 22% of downloads
  • Social media activity accounted for 41% of downloads
  • Of the outreach work, Twitter saw the best results with engagement that exposed to report to over 100,000 people.
  • 30% conversion rate on the report page and a 33% conversion rate on the toolkit page.
  • 19% Click-to-open rate on our email communications promoting the report.

Empower’s ability to create social videos in-house means we were also able to get the audience and engagement boost associated with video, without a time and resource intensive production process.

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