How empower helped launch the One Home climate change campaign

How Empower helped launch the One Home climate change campaign
In the first six months since launch, empower helped One Home achieve over 1,700,000 digital impressions - 12% ahead of target.

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“Empower were an excellent addition to our launch team at One Home! They advised us on launching our website, social media presence and have been quick to respond and reliable throughout the time we’ve worked together. Working with empower was a huge benefit to our launch campaign and we’re delighted with the results.”

Angela Terry, One Home Founder

About One Home

One Home is a not-for-profit social enterprise committed to encouraging positive solutions to climate change.

The platform provides practical, independent and impartial guides on sustainable living including low carbon travel, renewable energy, local food and home improvements such as, insulation and green gardening tips.

One Home also offers advice on how to adapt to the impacts of climate change, such as flooding and heat waves.

The Challenge

One Home needed digital marketing and social media support and to work as part of their team, with an initial three-month programme put in place during the pilot phase.

Following the pilot phase, empower continued working with the client for longer-term brand awareness and digital marketing momentum for One Home and its digital marketing channels.

The overall goals of the project were to establish the brand, drive engagement on the website, increase the community size through social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, and to increase email newsletter subscriptions.

The Approach

empower initially registered and optimised social media channels, including adding branding and biographies, to ensure we were following best practice for each channel.

We were then able to integrate One Home’s social media channels with the media outreach the rest of the team were doing during the launch.

Empower focused on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, which generated traffic to One Home’s content and provided further opportunities for the audience to become aware of and engage with One Home’s services.

Our work included producing and implementing a content schedule to ensure consistent, quality content is being posted across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram each month when working with the client.

Empower produced a range of videos optimised for social media, driving increased engagement and growth for the channels through this video content.

This included promoting blog posts from the website such as how to reduce food waste at home, to curating content from other sources, such as the David Attenborough speech at Davos in January 2019.

It was important to highlight the habits consumers can change in their everyday lives that can help save the planet, as well as the broader messages about climate change.

Empower also carried out paid media plans, covering Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and an SEO audit was carried out to ensure the One Home website was in the best condition that it could be.

The Results

In its first six months since launch, One Home has achieved over 1,700,000 digital impressions – ahead of the target set at the beginning of the campaign by 12%.

This success was helped by paid ad spend, which now costs One Home over 50% less to drive the same number of impressions compared to the start of the campaign.

Paid advertising has been a large part of the success of One Home reaching its campaign targets. As the campaign has progressed, the tests in what works when using paid ads has increased considerably, with a sophisticated split testing programme in place to drive performance across paid media.

Hire empower for your next campaign

Empower run Digital Marketing, Communications and Social Media campaigns for some of the biggest and best social good organisations around the world. As independent consultants, we offer you impartial advice at reasonable rates, with the flexibility to work to your campaign schedules.

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