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What next with X

What next with X?

X, formerly known as Twitter, is a channel we’ve been keeping an eye on internally. We’ve updated our recommendations to clients regarding its latest developments.

How to use The Charity Commission’s social media policy guidance

Charities and Social Media: How to use The Charity Commission’s Social Media Policy Guidance

The Charity Commission for England and Wales has published updated social media guidance to help charities understand how their legal duties are relevant to their use of social media. The guidance was evolved using comments from the charity sector, with feedback gathered during a consultation process with nearly 400 responses from charities. As the Charity Commission outlines, social media can …

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Empower’s B Corp Impact Report 2023

We are so proud to celebrate the end of Empower’s first year as a Certified B Corp and publish our 2023 Impact Report. Our report showcases the progress we’ve made since becoming B Corp certified to create a positive influence on both society and the environment.

Best Climate Change Podcasts

Best climate change podcasts

The top climate change podcasts, from lowdowns on living a greener life to podcasts that inspire and inform about sustainability.

Free Social Media Listening Tools

Free Social Media Listening Tools

Creating a suite of social media listening tools to pick up on conversations about your organisation can be done for free. Here’s how.