Digital News Report: 7 Key Themes

The Reuters Institute Digital News Report has been released for 2015, delivering useful and timely data about the transition to digital. Each year, the report brings together an annual benchmarked international survey and a series of essays which help to contextualise some of the key themes. This year’s report reveals new …

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What’s in a name?

At Empower, we regularly get asked where the name for our communications agency comes from. So here’s a potted history of the grand old name of Empower and where our agency its name.

UK social media use dropped by 9%

In an online survey of over 9,000 consumers from nine countries, UK regulator Ofcom found that UK social media use among adults in the last 12 months has dropped 9%. Among the nine countries – including – France, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Australia, Spain and China – the UK saw …

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Facebook news feed update punishes promotional content from brands

Facebook announced this week that, as part of an ongoing survey, they asked hundreds of thousands of Facebook users how they feel about the content in their News Feeds. That means a Facebook news feed update is coming. The bad news for businesses? The overall response from users is that they want to …

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3 new twitter tools to try: flounder, @goodaudience and @sumall

Here at Empower, we like to try out new social media tools, products and services on a regular basis. Comms and social media is a fast-moving industry, so there’s always a new product or service to play with that could improve your campaigns and change the way you communicate with your audiences. Although there’s lots …

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Mobile Shopping: Email marketing works, social media doesn’t

Custora have published a new research report about Mobile Shopping in the US, finding that Social Media advertising isn’t working for mobile shopping – but email marketing is. Less than 1% of mobile sales came from social media networks (including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). Email marketing, on the other hand, drove …

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