Instagram User Stats: 300 million worldwide, 90 million in US, 14 million in UK

Ben Matthews

By Ben Matthews

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Instagram revealed it’s user stats last week, indicating that it now has 14 million monthly active users in the UK. By comparison, Facebook has 35 million users in the UK.

This is the first time Instagram has revealed its UK figures and the first time it has ever broken out a single geographic region in terms of audience numbers.

Here’s what else was revealed by the Facebook-owned photo sharing app:

  • 300 Million Monthly Active Users
  • Over 70% People Outside U.S.
  • Over 30 Billion Photos Shared
  • 2.5 Billion Photos Liked Daily
  • 70 Million Average Photos Posted Per Day

Globally, Instagram has 300 million monthly active users, and claims that 70% of those come from outside the US, which would indicate that Instagram has roughly 90 million monthly active users in the US.

The figures come from an event at Facebook HQ in London, as reported in this article on Business Insider:

” The company’s spokespeople refused to divulge more information about that 14 million figure — how many of those are people versus brands, or how much its userbase has grown year on year, for example — but the number does give some indication as to how important the UK market is to the app’s growth. Were the number to be taken literally, it would mean almost one in five people in the UK had an Instagram account — however, many of those 14 million accounts are likely to come from businesses.”

Instagram has also made a number of recent updates to its ad offering to brands.

This week, Instagram launched a search feature for its web-based version. Although you still can’t upload photos from desktop, the new Instagram search feature has all the new features of Instagram’s recently revamped in-app search, allowing users to search by hashtags, locations or users.

Most recently, Instagram also announced that Facebook’s ad targeting tools will be opened up to Instagram advertisers, making tailoring ads to specific audiences easier.