Ecologi award Empower Silver in inaugural For Our Planet awards

Ben Matthews

By Ben Matthews

In Climate Change

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We’re thrilled to receive the Silver Award in the inaugural For Our Planet Awards hosted by Ecologi, the climate action platform. 

This recognition underscores Empower’s commitment to environmental stewardship and our pursuit of a credible net-zero pathway.

The For Our Planet Awards, launched by Ecologi this year, honour businesses that have demonstrated progress towards mitigating their carbon footprint and advancing sustainable practices. 

Empower’s Silver Award acknowledges our team’s efforts in measuring our carbon emissions, establishing ambitious reduction targets, and funding global climate action initiatives.

As an agency, we are committed to working with clients who are driving positive change and inspiring others to prioritise environmental stewardship. This award reaffirms our agency’s dedication to environmental responsibility and our pursuit of contributing to a sustainable future.

The For Our Planet Awards celebrate businesses at various stages of their sustainability journeys, recognising those that have recently embarked on their net-zero journey as well as those already making significant strides toward their goals. 

We’re honoured to be part of this group of businesses dedicated to safeguarding the planet for future generations and extend our congratulations to all businesses recognised in the For Our Planet Awards.

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