Charity Logo Quiz, Part 2 (The Hard Version)

Charity Logo Quiz - Empower Agency
You said our first charity logo quiz was too easy. And we listened. Can you name all 20 charity logos?

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Can you name all 20 charity logos?


You said our first charity logo quiz was too easy.

Charity Logo Quiz 4

Charity Logo Quiz 1

Charity Logo Quiz 3

And we listened.

The empower team have put together another charity logo quiz to bring you some fun during these strange times.

Our quiz will test you on our favourite charity logos and help you think about how your charity’s logo represents the mission and purpose.

We’ve picked some logos that might be harder for you to recognise, so we think this quiz will be a bit more challenging!

Contact us with any feedback, to add your charity logo to the next quiz or to find out how we can create a similar quiz for you.


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