Jobs: Want to become mates with Empower?

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Jobs at empower

Want to be mates with empower?

Ask anyone who has had worked with or had a job with the empower team and we’re sure they’ll agree that this is a brilliant place to work.

We value people above all else. We know the happier the people we work with are with the work they’re doing, the better our work for empower’s clients will be. The better empower’s work, the happier our clients are. Because of this, We make sure that everyone who works on our projects feels supported, challenged and inspired.

Our network of people is our strength – and we’re proud of it.

What do we look for in our mates?

  • Hard Working: We produce excellent work for fantastic clients. This takes hard work to pull off.
  • Organised: Working across multiple projects with lots of activity happening on each means you need to know what you need to do and when.
  • Digital: Empower specialise in digital, social and content marketing. You need to understand how digital works, what it can achieve and its future possibilities.
  • Nice: If you’re going to be our mate, we need to get along. Smile, be nice and be human. We’ll get along just fine.

If you’re hard working, organised and into working on digital projects that change the world for good (and nice!), you’ll quickly become mates with empower. Get in touch and let’s talk.

Jobs at empower

While we don’t have any current jobs or vacancies at empower, but please drop us an email at [email protected] with a CV and Covering Letter and we can keep you in mind for future roles.

We’re currently interested in hearing from the following:

Social Media Consultants

Paid Media Specialists

Content Designers

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