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About the role

  • JOB TITLE: Creative Designer (Part-time Consultant).
  • LOCATION: Based in the UK. This is primarily a remote role, with the opportunity to join in-person team meetings every other month, in London.
  • WORKING HOURS: TBC by project, building to 16 hours a week (Core working hours 10am – 4pm Monday-Friday).
  • DAY RATE: Please provide.
  • START DATE: TBC dependent on projects.
  • APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Midnight Sunday July 7th

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‍💻  An overview of the role

As a leading digital agency in the overall impact sector, Empower is seeking a Creative Designer to bring insight-driven creative work to the forefront for our clients. We are hoping to foster a long term working relationship, so that a minimum of 16 hours can be dedicated to Empower every week. 

You’ll work across a range of Empower’s impact-driven clients, across sectors such as policy and advocacy, climate change and sustainability, tech for good, international NGOs, as well as health and mental health.

In this role, you can expect to produce artwork and design concepts that can take on many different formars, but with a focus on digital formats, including social media static cards, animation and banner ads, along with some print materials. As a Creative Designer, your briefs will vary from creating visuals, brainstorming and developing concepts, to ensuring that the final design deliverables are aligned with client and Empower’s brief, standards, and specifications.

Supporting Client Servicing teams will follow Empower’s briefing process in order to book and brief creative requests, and this will be discussed every Monday during a Capacity call.

The role requires that you are able to take direction, turn concepts into visuals, communicate design reasoning with account teams and clients, and implement feedback to create a final product. At times, you may brainstorm and implement your own unique ideas. In other instances, you’ll be responsible for building upon others’ ideas.

⭐ Who you are

Technical skills

  • Design principles: As a creative designer, you’ll need to know how to bring elements together, like colour, imagery, and text, to convey a message. 
  • Ideation: You’ll generate and develop new ideas that align with the client’s needs and brief.
  • Branding: You need to understand key components that make a brand and how they work together to communicate with an intended audience.
  • Designing for different media: You should be familiar with techniques and materials for designing digital, print media and basic animation/video editing.
  • UX: Knowledge behind a “user experience” that impacts a visitor’s time spent on a website (not compulsory)
  • Design software: Use of design platforms of your choice, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. As we work collaboratively to enable our clients, the use of collaborative design platforms, such as Canva is necessary. 

Workplace skills

  • Creativity: As a designer, you will need strong creative skills and a desire to produce attention-grabbing, effective visuals with regularity.
  • Communication: As a remote first agency, you will show an effective approach to communicating with your accounts teams, other members of our creative team, as well as clients. To enable this, Empower uses clear briefing processes, resource planning and ongoing comms channels such as Slack. 
  • Project management: You will likely be working on multiple projects at one time, so you’ll need to manage each one accordingly—to support this, Empower uses as our dedicated Project Management software.
  • Problem-solving and interrogation: You may need to troubleshoot challenges, and interrogate briefs in order to gather all the information required to complete the brief.

Where we’d love this role to go: 

  • We’d love to reach a point with a Creative Designer who works as an embedded member of our team. 
  • Joining us on calls and Slack 3-4 days per week, working on briefs, upskilling our team and getting to know us. 
  • This would be a set up to work towards with the right person, and something that has worked brilliantly for Empower and our embedded designers before.
  • With this arrangement in place, our client-servicing team gets to access a fantastic designer and creative mind throughout their working week. 
  • For the right candidate, you get the benefits of steady work within a friendly team.

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