Google Ad Grants Management for Charities and Nonprofits

What is the Google Ad Grants?

The Google Ad Grant is Google’s grant for qualifying charities and nonprofits give $10,000 in free in-kind advertising on Google Ads, every month.

Why should charities apply for Google Ad Grants?

This free Google Ads advertising is a brilliant source of extra traffic to your website, helping you to meet your supporters’ needs by answering their questions and furthering your organisation’s impact.

Google Ad Grants Compliance

Empower’s Google Ad Grants Services

Empower can help your charity with all aspects of your Google Ad Grants account.

Google Ad Grants Account Applications

If you’re interested in the Google Ad Grant but are not sure how to apply, don’t have time to apply for the grant, or want to make sure that you get the details right, then empower can manage the grant application process for you. Empower has successfully applied for Google Grants for many, many charities and nonprofits – and can help your organisation too.

Google Ad Grants Account Setup

We have published a guide to setting up your Google Ad Grants account, but if you don’t have time or are not sure where to begin, contact empower and we can do the set up for you.

Google Ad Grants Account Compliance

Google Ad Grants has introduced new compliance rules that make it harder for charities to manage and keep their grant active. If your Google Ads account has been suspended due to non-compliance, then empower can help you get the account activated again. Contact empower for details or take a look at our Google Ads Grant compliance checklist.

Monthly Google Ad Grants Management

If you need support and an extra pair of hands for managing the day-to-day of the Google Ad Grants account, then empower can help and make sure your ads are running smoothly and effectively.

Conversion Tracking Implementation

Conversion tracking is an essential part of any Google Ads Grant account, as you can track the impact of your Google Ads through to key actions on your website-  whether it’s a supporter making a donation, signing up for your newsletter or viewing important pages on your website. Empower can help with setting up conversion tracking for your Google Ad Grants account.

Google Ad Grants Training

Empower are experts at Google Ads Grants, which means that we can also help your team become more confident and knowledgeable with Google Ads. Take a look at our Google Ads Training for Charities and Nonprofits for more.

Google Ads Reporting

Want to see how Google Ads are performing for your charity? We can create reporting dashboards to get you an instant overview of how effective your Google Ads are, along with monthly

Contact empower about your Google Ad Grants

The empower team are here to help your charity make the most of Google Ad Grants, from applying for the Google Grant through to managing ads and reporting on the impact the Google Ads are making.

If you want to discuss any aspect of Google Ad Grants, then please contact empower or contact Ben Matthews directly by calling 07842764205 or emailing