Audits & analysis that help drive your strategy

We explore your organisation, audience and the wider context as a critical first step in understanding your mission and guiding the development of an impactful digital strategy with insight at its heart.



What’s your mission? Is it effectively communicated?

Defining Value Proposition

We help you distil what’s important to you and how that relates to your team, wider community and supporters – both existing and potential.

Digital Messaging Framework

We work with you to craft a compelling and consistent narrative which resonates with the right people, at the right time, across the right channels. 

Stakeholder Interviews

We collaborate with you to conduct insightful, thorough stakeholder interviews, gathering information that is compelling and consistent.

Your Audience

Do everything. One issue at a time.

Break your work into managable bits and pieces. Issues are the most basic concept in Linear and the main building block of the app.

A Linear issue titled "Design Assets".
Introducing our fastest issue creation UI yet. Create new tasks in mere seconds.

Issue Properties

Add priority, labels, estimates, issue relations, references and due dates to your issues to give more context. Linear also detects YouTube, Descript, Loom and Figma links and will automatically embed them.

Optimized for speed

Like everything in Linear, creating issues is optimized for speed. Add properties, switch teams and apply templates in a few keystrokes – no mouse required. Properties carry over to new issues and drafts save automatically.

Parent and sub-issues

Use sub-issues to break down larger tasks into smaller pieces of work. Or group issues together by defining parent issues.

Issue templates

Use issue templates to write issues faster and guide creators to share information effectively.

Markdown editor

Issue descriptions and comments support full Markdown.

Issue importer

Import issues from your existing issue tracker into Linear. Linear’s issue migration assistant supports Jira, Asana, GitHub Issues and Shortcut.